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GM's Super Cruise Fared Better Than Tesla’s Autopilot In Tests By Consumer Reports


GM's Super Cruise Fared Better Than Tesla’s Autopilot In Tests By Consumer Reports
An evaluation conducted by Consumer Reports, the testing organization of 17 vehicles equipped with active driving assistance systems (ADAS) from General Motors and Tesla found the GM’s Super Cruise to be better than Tesla's Autopilot, the organization said after the evaluations.
The group said that a Tesla Model Y that had been fitted with the company’s Autopilot came at "a distant second" compared to a Cadillac CT6 from GM that was retro fitted with the company’s Super Cruise system.
Over the next three years, GM will be rolling out the new technology in more than 20 of its models which will include its new Hummer electric pickup truck.
Frequent warnings about the risks for consumers and drivers associated with overestimating ADAS systems' abilities have been issued by safety and insurance researchers. This system, according to them, has created a misconception in the minds of consumers by some auto makers calling the technology enabled products as Autopilot, ProPilot or Co-Pilot.
In a Consumer Reports test of just four vehicles equipped with ADAS in 2018, the Cadillac CT6 form GM that was equipped with Super Cruise was found to be better than a Tesla Model 3 that had fitted in it Tesla’s Autopilot.
The latest test was conducted on a track and on public roads earlier this summer. In that test conducted by Consumer Reports, 69 points out of a possible 100 was scored by the Cadillac while a score of 57 out of 100 was given by the experts of the organization to Tesla. And with a total score of 52, the third position was given to a Lincoln Corsair equipped with Ford Motor Co's Co-Pilot 360 system.
Kelly Funkhouser, head of connected and automated vehicle testing at Consumer Reports, said that the a driver-facing infrared camera that has been installed in the Super Cruise system of GM and which is aimed to ensure that he or she is paying attention to the road and is therefore always ready to take over manual control of the car whenever necessary was the critical difference that set apart GM’s technology.
In some situations, there can be an abrupt shut down of Tesla’s Autopilot. On the other hand, the evaluators noted that a better job is done by the Super Cruise system of notifying the driver that the system of self-driving as about to shut down.
A Tesla Model 3 with Autopilot was placed sixth out of 10 systems in a recent European safety testing as the system was given quite high scores for performance and ability to respond to emergencies, but was scored poorly for the system’s ability to maintain a driver’s focus on the road.