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GameStop adds ‘Power to the Scholar’ to its listing of scholarships


GameStop has launched a scholarship program for its employees and their families and by doing so it is using education as a vehicle for social progress. By investing in education of its employees and their dependence it is lifting and supporting the macro socio-economic dynamics of society.

GameStop adds ‘Power to the Scholar’ to its listing of scholarships
With the launch of its scholarship program titled ‘Power to the Scholars’ GameStop is demonstrating its professional and personal commitment towards its employees. The launch of this scholarship program which is in partnership with the Scholarship America Inc, is in fact an extension of its Gamer Fund relief program. In its new outlook, ‘Power to the Scholars’ is open to all of GameStop’s employees as well as their dependents.
“There’s no better way to invest in our company than by supporting our employees and their families. The ‘Power to the Scholars’ program will enable us to help employees achieve great things in their careers, their lives, and for their families,” says Mike Buskey, President of the Gamer Fund.
The scholarship is from from the 1st of May to 19th June 2015. During this period employees and/or their dependents can visit and apply for the scholarship. For the academic year 2015-2016, GameStop will award 40 scholarships at $2500 each, totaling to a $100,000 towards college aid.
Naturally, before awarding the scholarship, applicants must meet certain pre-defined criteria including the non-negotiable condition of being employed by GameStop along with a minimum grade average of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0. Applicants must also provide their most recent transcript during the submission process.
The Scholarship will be awarded based on a number of criteria including academic performance, financial need, demonstrated leadership in community activities and in school, educational and career goals as well as work experience.
“Our mission is to make higher education more affordable and attainable for all students. When a company like GameStop recognizes the value of higher education, how it can benefit employees and its broader network, and invests in this type of program, not only does it impact the company in a positive way, but it helps improve economic success for all,” said Lauren Segal, Scholarship America, Inc.’s President and CEO.
Those individuals who have been lucky enough to be selected will be notified of the same by the 20th of July 2015. The scholarship can be renewed every year as long as the eligibility criteria continue to be met.
Since the launch of its Gamer Fund relief program back in 2012, GameStop has disbursed more than $400,000 in assistance to employees and their dependents. With the addition of the ‘Power to the Scholars’ program, its latest initiative will further boost the help and support its employees and their families.
About GameStop
GameStop Corporation is a Fortune 500 as well as a Standard & Poor 500 company, with its headquarters located in Grapevine Texas. It is a global multichannel company with wide interests in video game, retailing in wireless services as well as consumer electronics. Operating in more than 14 countries worldwide, it has over 6600 stores and has a very strong presence online in sites such as www.gamestop.com, www.koncregate.com It is a world leader in the digital video games as well as for video games in the print media.
In addition to gaming, GameStop has also heavily invested in technological brands such as Spring Mobile businesses and Simply Mac. Its stores sell the latest and the full line of Apple products and is a Apple Certified repairs and warranty establishment.
About Scholarship America
Scholarship America has been in the line of giving scholarships for more than half a century. It has worked directly with parents, students, colleges, business houses and communities to empower and fulfil the dreams of these young aspirants.
It is the largest private scholarship provider in the U.S, and since its inception it has disbursed more than $3.1 billion to more than 2 million students. Currently it is working with the private sector to support and uplift programs and policies that advance post-secondary education and help students breakout of boundaries that limit exposure and experience.