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Germany Drafts Law For Hastening ‘Low-Carbon Transport’ Transition


For the first time, airlines will also need to get percentage of their energy consumption from “renewable sources”.

Germany has plans of hastening the “low-carbon transport” transition, whereby bringing the deadline to 2026 for “14% of fuel used in transport” to be sourced from “renewable energy”, read a “draft law”.
Under this, for the first time, airlines will also need to get percentage of their energy consumption from “renewable sources”, while by 2030, they idea is to turn “200,000 tonnes” carbon-free. As a result, by 2026, the use of palm oil will be put under ban. However, the measures aren’t limited to “minimum carbon reduction standards” set by the EU, and come as a response to the “failure of the transport sector to cut emissions”. While, the Environment Ministry said:
“The coming decade will be driven by a transformation process that we want actively to drive forward”.
Furthermore, the ministry also wants to cut down on the usage of plant-based fuels as they are a cause of “exacerbating food scarcity in many poorer countries”. Additionally, the ministry will also stop the “use of vegetal fuels to fuel jets” along with the portion of “plant-based fuels in petrol and diesel” will also be brought down from the current margin of “3.4%”.
However, Reuters reported:
“The German Air Industry Association warned that going it alone on aviation fuel could harm Germany’s aviation sector if the rest of Europe did not follow suit, since synthesised jet fuel is currently some four times more expensive”.
While, the air association stated:
“Germany going it alone would only be thinkable if domestic companies were compensated for the cost disadvantages they suffered, for example with the proceeds of the air transport tax”.
The said draft has passed through “an initial round of agreement with the chancellery” however it waits the federal government’s final approval. Germany happens to be the “largest greenhouse gas emitter” in Europe while Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that the country’s climate change battle efforts were “insufficient” while she planned on accelerating the “fight in the coming years”.