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Google, YouTube to pay record $ 170 mln fine in USA


Google and YouTube will pay $ 170 million for collecting personal information about children without the consent of their parents, follows from a message on the website of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) USA.

The message states that the FTC and the New York Attorney General have brought charges of violating the law on the protection of children's privacy.
The fines concern collecting information about permanent identifiers of viewers of those channels focused on the children's audience. Video hosting ultimately earned “millions of dollars” on targeted advertising. The complaint of the FCS and the prosecutor emphasized that certain YouTube channels are child-oriented and must comply with the law, although the company claims that YouTube content is intended for a wide audience.
In addition, Google and YouTube are required implement a system that allows channel owners to tag content for children, and the video hosting will be able to check their content for compliance with the law.

source: cnn.com