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Google turns the screws on political ads


Google is introducing changes to the rules for placing political ads on its platforms.

Robert Scoble via flickr
Robert Scoble via flickr
According to the company, such a decision was made out of considerations of the need to "strengthen the confidence of voters in political advertising." The changes will affect Google sites around the world.
It is specified that targeting of selective advertising will be limited by categories of age, gender and location. At the same time, those who place political advertising will still be able to use the opportunities of contextual advertising - in particular, to show their ads to those users who are following a certain topic.
The company also clarifies that the new rules will enter into force within a week in the UK, and by the end of the year - in the EU. In the rest of the world, they will begin to be applied from January 6, 2020.
Recall that previously a complete ban on all political advertising was announced by Twitter.

source: nytimes.com