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Google will postpone opening USA offices due to new outbreaks of coronavirus


New outbreaks of the COVID-19 coronavirus in the United States forced Google to postpone opening of offices. The company was about to return some employees from remote work in July, but will now wait until the fall.

Google sent a memo to its employees, from which it follows that all of the company's offices in the United States will be closed until September 7. About this writes Bloomberg with reference to a copy of the document.

In the note, Chris Rackow, vice president of global security at the company, noted that despite the fact that the situation with the coronavirus is different in different states, Google must make sure that the prospects for the United States as a whole are stable before moving on. “As the recent increase in the number of infections shows, COVID-19 still exists in our communities,” Rackow wrote.

The agency points out that new outbreaks of incidence are causing some states to overturn earlier decisions to ease restrictions. In particular, the Californian authorities, where Google’s headquarters are based, reported the second largest jump in the number of cases on Tuesday.

Google became one of the first large American companies to send employees to work remotely back in March. The company's management also suggested that employees do not return to the office until the end of the year. In May, Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that the company would begin to gradually return some employees to their offices from July 6.

“Everyone who works at home, please continue to do so unless your manager says otherwise,” Rackow wrote in a memo, specifying that this state of affairs was likely to continue until September 7th.

source: bloomberg.com