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Green goods manufacturers accused of oppressing Chinese


Companies manufacturing components for solar panels are accused of exploiting the Chinese. In particular, according to CNN, the issue is the use of human labour by the population of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (China).

Benjamín Núñez González
Benjamín Núñez González
According to a report on human oppression and climate harm in the production of "green" goods by England's Sheffield Hallam University, the Xinjiang region in northwest China has been a major manufacturing centre for solar panel parts for the past 20 years. Companies supply these products around the world.

According to British scientists, the Uighur population of the Chinese region, along with other ethnic and religious minorities in China, are forced to work in the factories.

In addition, these factories use coal that is harmful to the climate.

Under the "green" concept of solar panels, which supposedly help improve emissions and climate change, these facts look extremely contradictory. 

CNN has received a refusal from China's Foreign Ministry to comment on the situation. 

Beijing has previously denied all allegations of human rights violations at factories in Xinjiang. At the time, the issue was the production of cotton, tomatoes and hair products.

Nevertheless, that did not stop the US from blocking imports of these Chinese-made goods. The UK and EU countries intend to do the same.

"Anti-Chinese forces have done everything to publicise 'forced labour' in Xinjiang's cotton industry. Now they have switched to the solar energy industry. These accusations are baseless and the countries stirring up the scandal have sinister intentions," commented Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson.

source: cnn.com