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Harley-Davidson halts electric motorcycle production due to charging issues


US Harley-Davidson Inc. has suspended the production and supply of its first electric motorcycle due to a problem regarding equipment for charging it.

The motorcycle manufacturer’s press release said the firm suspended production of the LiveWire model in order to test and identify the cause of the problem. The company did not specify when production would be resumed.

At the same time, Harley’s report notes that the motorcycles themselves are safe to drive. The company asks buyers and dealers to use only professional chargers available at dealerships.

Initially, owners of LiveWire could charge electric motorcycles from a regular household outlet in the house; this process takes about 10 hours. At charging stations at Harley dealerships, this can be done in about an hour.

Harley relies on electric motorcycles in the hope of stimulating sales in the US, in its key market, so the suspension of production is a serious problem for it, writes The Wall Street Journal. In July, the company worsened its motorcycle supply forecast and reported weak quarterly results.

Harley-Davidson shares at additional trading in New York are down 0.9%.

source: theverge.com