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Hong Kong residents are chasing UK visas for locals


In the two months of February and March, Hong Kong residents applied for 34,300 British visas under the new rules, which came into effect at the end of January. These figures were released by the UK Home Office on Thursday.

The British Overseas National passport (BNO Visa) is a special type of visa that Hong Kong residents can now apply for if they have a British Overseas National passport (BNO). 

It was launched last summer after the introduction of the Hong Kong National Security Law by the Chinese authorities. A BNO visa does not have to fulfil a number of requirements for a regular visa, including no background checks and no requirement to hold a job in Hong Kong. 

BNO visa holders will be able to stay in the UK for five years, take up employment there and then be able to apply for British citizenship.

The Home Office predicted last year that 500,000 Hong Kong people could apply for a visa in 2021 and more than a million over the next five years. In total, around 3 million Hong Kong people are eligible for the BNO Visa.

source: theguardian.com