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Huawei To Launch High End Phone In Europe Despite US Ban


Huawei To Launch High End Phone In Europe Despite US Ban
Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies would be launching a high end smartphone for the European market despite the company potentially not being able to offer its buyers the Android operating system from Google as well as number of other applications such as Google Maps.
According to recent reports based on information from sources within the company, Huawei, the second largest maker of smartphones in the world, will be unveiling its new Mate 30 range of smartphones for the European market in Munich on September 18. It is however unclear whether the phones would be immediately available in the market for purchasing.
The 5G network compatible Mate 30 range of phones is the first major launch of smartphones by the company since it was effectively blacklisted by the United States Commerce Department in May this year over US allegations that its products could be used by Chinese agencies for spying on Western countries. All such allegations have been denied by Huawei.
Reports quoting spokesperson from Google have claimed the US tech giant confirming that the new range of Mate 30 smartphoens form Huawei cannot be using any of the licensed Google apps and services because of the ban by the US government on all American companies not doing any business with the Chinese firm. The US government had allowed a relaxation for Huawei doing business with US companies recently, but it is only applicable for existing products and services and new launches are not included in the temporary reprieve. Hence Google apps and Android cannot be used for the Mate 30 range of products.
American companies can request the US government for relaxation of the ban for specific products. There is no confirmed information available about whether Google had made any such appeal to the US government to allow the new smartphones from Huawei use the Android operating system or its licensed apps. Google had said in the past that it wants to continue to have business relations with Huawei.
Acco9rding to a report by Reuters earlier in the week, there has been over more than 130 applications from American companies seeking permission to do business for specific products with Huawei submitted with the US Commerce Department. However none of the requests have been granted yet.
The confusion that is being faced by Huaweri and its suppliers with respect to the US ban is reflected in the uncertainty surrounding the Mate 30 range of phones. Analysts believe that Huawei has been caught in the crossfire of the trade war between the United States and China which has been ongoing for more than a year. This was evident form a comment some time back by US president Donald Trump that the ban on Huawie could be lifted if the two countries were able to strike a trade deal.
“Huawei will continue to use the Android OS and ecosystem if the US government allows us to do so,” Huawei spokesman Joe Kelly told Reuters. “Otherwise, we will continue to develop our own operating system and ecosystem.”

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