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IATA: Passenger air traffic recovers by 90% to pre-pandemic levels


The International aviation Transport Association (IATA) released statistics on global aviation passenger traffic for April.

Valdemar Fishmen
Valdemar Fishmen
It climbed by 45.8% from April of last year to April of this year, bringing the figures to 90% of pre-pandemic levels. Only 1.8% less flights were loaded in April than before the outbreak.

Domestic air passenger volume increased by 42.6% in April compared to the same month in 2018 and increased by 2.9% over April 2019 levels. In April 2019, 83.6% of all aviation traffic was international, up 48% from the same month last year. Asia-Pacific carriers, according to IATA, are the ones responsible for the worldwide market's resurgence.

IATA CEO Willie Walsh stated, "In April, we continued to witness the recovery trend we saw during the first quarter. Along with decreased jet fuel prices, easing of inflation and rising consumer confidence point to continued sustained growth in demand for air travel."

source: iata.org