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IDC: Smartphone sales showed the weakest performance in 2018


According to IDC analysts, global shipments of smartphones declined by 4.1%, to 1.4 billion units in the last year. This dynamic was the worst over the entire period of observation. Smartphone sales fell particularly sharply in the fourth quarter - by 4.9%, with Apple's shipments falling by 11.5%. In the largest market - in China - shipments declined even more than in the world as a whole - by 10%.

jfingas via flickr
jfingas via flickr
Sales of smartphones have been falling for the fifth quarter in a row: for the entire 2018, they fell by 4.1%, to 1.4 billion units. This was the worst dynamic of the global smartphone market, as follows from a report published on January 30 by research company IDC. Samsung remains the market leader from 20.8%, although sales by the South Korean manufacturer declined by 8% last year, to 292 million smartphones. Apple’s performance also fell by 3.2% to 209 million. The company keeps staying in second place with 14.9%.

Chinese manufacturers showed fairly strong growth: Huawei's shipments grew by 33.6% in 2018, to 206 million, so the Chinese company with a market share of 14.7% almost caught up with Apple. In thw fourth place was Xiaomi with increased sales by 32.2%, to 122.6 million; its share is 8.7%. Fifth place is taken by another Chinese manufacturer - OPPO - with a share of 8.1%, in 2018 its sales also increased slightly - by 1.3%, to 113 million smartphones.

Even deliveries of smartphones fell even lower in the fourth quarter - by 4.9%, to 375.4 million units. Apple showed a particularly noticeable drop this quarter: it delivered 68.4 million iPhones, which is 11.5% less than in the same period of 2017.

The only company that seriously increased sales in the fourth quarter was Huawei - by 43.9%.
The remaining market leaders showed either a slight decrease (Samsung by 5.5%) or a slight increase (OPPO by 6.8%, Xiaomi by 1.4%, so in the fourth quarter, OPPO came in fourth place, pushing Xiaomi back to fifth) .

“Confusion reigns in the global smartphone market. With the exception of several fast-growing markets such as India, Indonesia, Korea and Vietnam, we did not see positive activity in 2018. We believe that several factors have played a role, including prolongation of the replacement cycle, increasing smartphone penetration in many large markets, political and economic uncertainty and growing consumer frustration due to constantly rising prices,” said the vice president of IDC for Market Research. mobile gadgets Ryan Reith.
In China, the largest smartphone market, which accounts for 30% of all sales, shipments last year fell particularly low - by 10%.
On Thursday, Counterpoint Research, another research company, presented its own assessment of the smartphone market in 2018. According to its calculations, sales of smartphones also decreased by 4% to 1.5 billion units as a whole in the last year, and by 7 %, up to 395 million units in the fourth quarter.

source: idc.com

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