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India Turns Train Coaches Into Isolation Wards For COVID-19 Patients


India has prepared a prototype train coach for coronavirus patients as they need to be kept in isolation, while it awaits for approval to prepare the same in larger scale.

India has plans of using train coaches as isolation ward for the victims of coronavirus as the country is facing an increase in the number of patients affected by the virus within the country. In fact, one prototype coach for the same purpose has already been prepared as quarantine coach for trial.
Subject to approval, India may order ten coaches in each “railway zones” to be converted into “such isolation wards every week”. The Asian News International has quoted one official from the railway department of India saying:
“To make the patient cabin, the middle berth has been removed from one side, all three berths in front of the patient berth have been removed, all ladders for climbing up the berths have been removed.
“The bathrooms, aisle areas and other areas have also been modified to prepare the isolation coach.”
Every non-AC coached will be able to shelter eight patients at a time with one being in “each compartment”. Moreover, the coaches will also feature separate areas designated for the healthcare staff. While, taking measures for worse scenarios, the same coaches will be able double their capacity to house patients, whereby accommodating “two in each compartment”.
In India, the number of coronavirus cases have risen over three thousand as of April 4, 2020. Recently, the figure has seen a “steep surge” as more and more patients are being registered daily. The country is under a twenty one days lockdown period as announced by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, in an attempt to “contain the spread of the disease.