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India restricts wheat exports due to food security threats


India has imposed restrictions on wheat exports. The country was expected to be able to replace grain supplies from Ukraine, which fell amid the conflict, but its own food security was threatened.

Simon Waldherr
Simon Waldherr
The Indian authorities have imposed a ban on wheat export. Exceptions will be made only for countries that need Indian grain for food security, based on requests from their governments, India's Directorate General of External Trade said in a notice on 13 May.

According to the document, the move is due to a surge in wheat prices, which threatens food security of "India, neighbouring and other vulnerable countries". The decision to restrict exports has already taken effect.

In early May, Bloomberg reported that the Indian government was considering restricting wheat shipments abroad because of a poor harvest caused by a record drought in March. Indian Food Minister Sudhanshu Pandey said at the time that the authorities did not see the need to control exports.

source: bloomberg.com