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Israeli prime minister indicted in three criminal cases


The Israeli Prosecutor General's Office decided to bring charges against the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in three criminal cases, of which he was a defendant, the Times of Israel online publication reported on Thursday, citing a statement by the country's justice ministry.

State Department photo/ Public Domain
State Department photo/ Public Domain
Israeli Prosecutor General Avichai Mandelblit during a speech at the Ministry of Justice in Jerusalem confirmed that Netanyahu is charged with bribery, breach of trust and fraud.

According to The Jerusalem Post, Mandelblit will ask the Knesset to deprive Netanyahu of immunity, and this process can take up to 30 days. The publication notes that, as a rule, immunity is revoked faster, but the Israeli prime minister may try to stretch this process.

Israeli media say that Mandelblit and his team worked in an accelerated manner to manage to announce a decision on corruption investigations before Israel could announce the holding of the third election this year.

If Netanyahu is charged with bribery, he will not be able to continue to act as prime minister. However, the criminal proceedings will not prevent him from taking part in the elections and trying to re-election to the post.

source: bbc.com