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Lloyds Bank’s ‘100 Million’ Pound Fund To Help Small To Medium Enterprises In Britain


The Hinkley Point C plant’s construction paves the way for usher financial help for Britain’s small to medium businesses.

Lloyds Bank’s ‘100 Million’ Pound Fund To Help Small To Medium Enterprises In Britain
Small business will be able to “take advantage” of the opportunities from the supply chain while the construction of “Hinkley Point C nuclear plant” located in Britain takes place. In order to help the small businesses, Lloyds Bank launched a fund of “100 million” pounds.
The above mentioned fund will allow small to medium sized companies all over Britain to “access discounted lending” besides joining in the project. Moreover, the business, like “hotels, transport, catering, facilities management and security services” providing “indirect services” for the power plant under a contract agreement are also eligible for availing the fund help.
The Hinkley Point C situated in Somerset schedules to “come online” by the year end of 2025, whereby becoming the first ever “nuclear plant” in past few decades to be constructed on the British soil.

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