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Macron’s Reshuffled Ministry Strategy To Battle Coronavirus Shockwave On Economy


After protests from voters, facing defeats, and taking economic blow due to the pandemic, Macron appoints new Ministry heads in three sectors.

Source: en.kremlin.ru
Source: en.kremlin.ru
France has adopted to a “three beefed-up ministries” strategy which will affect the “finance, social affairs and the environment” sector. The said steps were decided in order to absorb the “convulsing” shockwaves of coronavirus on the economy, the reshuffle falls in line with Emmanuel Macron’s plan recasting “his presidency”.
Alexis Kohler, the Chief of Staff for Macron, informed that Bruno Le Maire would head the Finance Ministry leading the country out from the “worst economic depression in decades” with “full control of the budget” at present.
The “Labour and Social Affairs” Ministry will be under Elisabeth Borne’s charge at a time when the downturn reveals “Macron’s hard-fought gains on unemployment”. Moreover, the president is also wanting to “reset relations with unions and voters” following the “waves of protests”. Borne has had experience of heading the “Ministry for Ecological and Inclusive Transition”.
While, the Environment Ministry is going to be under Barbara Pompili, the ex-Green party politician, as “Macron and his new prime minister” wants to stress on “green policies” for driving the “economic rebound” as well as building “sustainable future” for companies such as “Air France and Renault” to name a few.
The reshuffling came after defeat in the “local elections” faced by Macron’s party wherein “the Greens surge in major cities like Lyon, Bordeaux and Strasbourg”, reports Reuters.