Daily Management Review

Master Drawings New York: The Survivor


You'd almost have to see it to believe it. Despite a welter of postponements and cancellations, Master Drawings New York is indeed taking place until Saturday, January 29, in galleries lying mostly between Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue.

by Vanessa Schmitz-Grucker

The event thus escapes the overcrowded calendar of the second quarter of 2022, although it is unclear whether opening in a highly uncertain health situation will prove a winner or a loser. Was this key New York event determined to stake its all? We can assume so, because for several months now collectors have been waiting for just one thing: to get close to what is already being called the deal of the century. This small Virgin and Child With a Flower on a Grassy Bench (reproduced opposite) is a pen and black ink drawing bought for $30 in Concord (Massachusetts) in 2016 and now thought to be very probably a work by Dürer. At any rate, this is the view of a group of experts from the British Museum. Click here to read more!