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Mercer reveals the world’s safest cities


Mercer consulting company has published a new rating of the world cities in terms of comfortable living. For the tenth year in a row, Vienna has been ranking first in the list.

Analysts of Mercer consulting company compared almost 500 cities around the world using several dozen criteria, including political stability, crime rate, restrictions on individual freedom and censorship, medical services, transport, educational opportunities, air pollution, affordable housing and consumer goods, leisure activities. In recent years, there have not been much changes in the top ranks of the ranking - Vienna has been leading for the tenth year in a row, Zurich, Vancouver, Munich, Auckland, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Copenhagen, Geneva and Basel continue to be in the top 10.

Mercer experts note that many cities in Eastern and Central Europe showed a significant improvement in personal security — in particular, there were Prague, Vilnius, Warsaw, Sarajevo, Zagreb and Belgrade. In turn, this parameter has become worse in some cities of Western Europe - Athens, Madrid and Paris - mainly because of the terrorist attacks that took place there. The worst situation with personal security is in Khartoum, Karachi, Baghdad, Damascus, Kinshasa, Sana'a.

Luxembourg is recognized as the safest city in the world, and the second line is shared by several European cities - Swiss Basel, Zurich, Bern and the capital of Finland, Helsinki.

Speaking of such a parameter as comfort for foreign workers, Mercer experts instance not only leaders of the entire rating (Vienna, Zurich, Munich, etc.), but also such Eastern European cities as Ljubljana, Prague, Budapest, Bratislava and Vilnius. The most comfortable living in North America can be found in Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto, and in Asia - in Tokyo, Yokohama, Singapore, Osaka and Kobe.

source: mercer.com