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Merkel questioned her political future


German Chancellor Angela Merkel did not respond to journalists' questions about whether she will run again for the post, Deutsche Welle reported on Thursday, July 28th.

Armin Kübelbeck
Armin Kübelbeck
"The time has not come yet. I'll tell about it later, "- she said at a press conference in Berlin.

At the same time, Merkel noted that she is still confident in correctness of her migration policy.

"Eleven months ago, I did not say it would be easy. But today, just like then, I believe that we will cope with this, and it is our historic task. We have already done a lot over the past 11 months," - she said.

Recently, the German media once again noted Chancellor’s difficult political situation. On the one hand, there is a growing number of voters dissatisfied with her migration policy. On the other - the harsh criticism within her own party, the CDU/CSU. Many citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany questioned Merkel’s ability to cope with the influx of refugees and integration them into German society.

In late February, Merkel herself admitted that the migratory crisis in Europe was the most difficult test for ten years of her reign. At the same time, she said that measures taken to address the issue of refugees were right.

Initially, citizens of Germany were enthusiastic about the statement that Germany was to pursue a policy of open doors and take almost all refugees from Syria. However, the time passed by, and they started to give refugees the cold shoulder.

In July, the right-wing populists from France, the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Austria and the UK sharply criticized the German policy towards refugees. The main subject of the accusations was Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Dutch politician Geert Wilders posted photo collage, which shows Merkel with bloody hands, captioned: "With the cowardly types such as Merkel and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the borders remain open to bout of Islam. Thank you, Angela and Mark Rutte for letting these terrorists in."

The former leader of the United Kingdom’s Independence Party Nigel Farage called Merkel’s decision on admission more than 100 thousand refugees to the country the worst in Europe since 1945. "I am afraid that Germany is in a catastrophic state, and will never be the same again", - he told LBC radio. 

Deputy Head of the French "National Front" Florian Philippot in connection with the attack in Ansbach wrote on Twitter: "Reception of migrants is madness, as we have constantly been warning." 

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban called migration the poison, and refugees - a threat to security. "Every migrant is a danger to public order and represents a terrorist threat", - he said in an interview with AFP.

Right populists and nationalist parties in Austria and Poland also gave sharply critical comments. They pointed out that for many years, Europe has received migrants from the Middle East and North Africa, who did not integrate into European society. 

source: dw.de

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