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Mexico creates national lithium mining zone


According to a news release posted on the official website of Mexico, President Manuel Lopez Obrador designated 235 thousand hectares of land in the northern state of Sonora as a national lithium mining zone.

Esparta Palma
Esparta Palma
The press release states: "Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of the republic, has designated a lithium mining zone of 234,855 hectares located in municipalities of the state of Sonora."

President emphasized that it is in the general welfare to nationalize lithium. "We are currently nationalizing lithium to prevent foreigners from mining it. Lithium and oil are the property of the country and the people of Mexico," he added.

A change of the mining law that designated lithium as a national treasure and granted the state exclusive rights to its discovery, development, and industrial use was broadly endorsed by the upper house of Congress of Mexico in April last year.

source: reuters.com