Daily Management Review

Microsoft reports earnings


Microsoft Corp. said that its net profit for the first nine months of fiscal 2021-2022, which ended March 31, 2022, increased 25% year over year to $55.998 billion.

Total revenue climbed 20% year over year to $146.405 billion in the first three quarters. For the period, diluted earnings per share increased to $7.41 from $5.88 a year earlier.

The company's net profit increased 8.2 percent year over year to $16.728 billion in the third quarter of the fiscal year. In the three months under evaluation, revenue increased 18.3 percent to $49.36 billion, while diluted earnings per share growing to $2.22 from $2.03 in the previous quarter.

In the third quarter, revenue in the Intelligent Cloud division increased by 26% year over year to $19.051 billion. To $15.789 billion, the Productivity and Business Processes division increased by 16.5 percent.

source: bloomberg.com