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NASA expects to send a rocket to the moon in October


NASA Administrator Bill Nelson stated that the launch could be postponed until October due to repairs needed on the rocket from the lunar mission.

NASA/Joel Kowsky
NASA/Joel Kowsky
A liquid hydrogen leak forced NASA to delay the relaunch of the Artemis 1 lunar mission.

The rocket may need to be taken off the launch pad and brought back to the hangar for extensive leak inspections and repairs. Mr. Nelson claims that this will cause the flight to be delayed until October.

"When everything is prepared, we launch. We're going to test everything in load mode and make sure everything functions before we send four people out, so we're not going till then, and definitely not now, on a test mission," NASA's director said (quoted by AP). Being ready for the rough edges is a part of the space mission, according to Bill Nelson.

The lunar mission's Aug. 29 launch was also postponed due to a technical issue. By Saturday, the issue should have been resolved.

Artemis 1, which includes a flight around the Moon and a landing back on Earth, makes a significant component of the US lunar program.

source: apnews.com