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NATO accuses China of undermining international order


A new NATO strategic concept approved at the North Atlantic Alliance summit in Madrid on June 29 claims that China is attempting to take control of important industrial and logistical sectors in order to strengthen its influence in efforts to alter the global order.

NIDS/NATO Multimedia Library
NIDS/NATO Multimedia Library
"Our shared interests, security, and values are under threat from China's professed objectives and forceful practices. It increases influence and forges strategic dependencies by using its economic might. It aims to control logistics and infrastructure while undermining the rules-based global order, notably in the maritime, cyber, and space domains," the message states.

Beijing "seeks to control important technologies and industrial sectors, crucial infrastructure, strategic minerals, and supply networks," according to the organization. Furthermore, China was charged by NATO with "growing its nuclear arsenal and developing more advanced delivery systems without enhancing openness in this area of activity or good faith in compliance with the principles of control and risk minimization."

China is allegedly using a variety of political, economic, and military instruments to increase its influence throughout the world and its might, according to NATO, which also accuses Beijing of employing "strategic ambitions and a military build-up that are not transparent in terms of implementation." The statement continues, "the PRC is targeting friends and undermining the alliance with its malicious hybrid and cyber activities, aggressive rhetoric, and disinformation." NATO plans to "increase its general awareness, boost its preparedness and defense against the PRC's coercive techniques and its attempts to fracture the alliance" in order to protect itself.

source: nato.int