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NFT marketplace OpenSea reports phishing theft of user tokens


Marketplace for NFT trading OpenSea has launched an investigation into an attack on the site's users that resulted in the theft of non-exchangeable tokens from them.

Diverse Stock Photos via flickr
Diverse Stock Photos via flickr
Devin Finzer, CEO and co-founder of NFT-marketplace OpenSea, reported a phishing attack on users that could have resulted in the theft of non-exchangeable tokens (NFT). According to his reports, the hacker may have made $1.7 million for them; some of the stolen NFTs were returned to their owners, Finzer said in a series of tweets. 

Some of the non-mutual tokens were able to be returned to their owners, he said. According to Finzer, the hacker may have gotten tokens not for $200 million, but for $1.7 million in ethers (Ethereum) from "selling some of the stolen NFTs." He added that the company is not aware of any recent phishing emails that have been sent to users, nor does it know which website tricked users into signing up for viral messages.

The CEO of the marketplace urged all affected users to send messages to the OpenSea Help Desk. Doing so, he said, would help conduct a "thorough investigation." Finzer recommended double-checking the marketplace's site with any browser interactions to avoid malicious messages from hackers.

source: forbes.com