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Nationals Of Seven Gulf Countries Are Banned To Set Foot On The U.S. Soil, Including Flight Crews


The ban on Middle Eastern travellers and cabin crews throws the airline industry in a unprepared state.

Nationals Of Seven Gulf Countries Are Banned To Set Foot On The U.S. Soil, Including Flight Crews
Seven “Middle eastern countries” have been banned in the U.S. for travel, whereby taking the “airline industry unprepared” as the “flight crews from those states” are also denied an entry in the U.S., reported the International Air Transport Association.
The IATA sent an email to the “member airlines” informing them that as per the briefing of “Customs and Border Protection” of the U.S. given to the “global trade group”, any “passport-holders”, be it the “cabin crew” of those seven states including “Iran and Iraq” will not be allowed to set foot on the American soil.
Furthermore, Jeffrey Dastin reported that:
“The email underscores airlines' confusion about the situation as well as the challenge some may face from crew scheduling. Airlines also stand to lose business: for instance, around 35,000 travelers from Iran visited the United States in 2015, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security”.
The email went this way:
“Much of this development has come over the weekend and at a time when IATA's Facilitation team has been on duty travel. Unfortunately, our response has been slower than we would have preferred. A number (of questions) have yet to be resolved.”
The “executive order” of President Trump has put a ban on the travellers holding a passport of either “Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria” or Yemen for a period of ninety days. However, IATA received the instruction that “lawful permanent residents” of the U.S. or the “green-card holders” even from the above mentioned countries do not come under this ban. Moreover, an official of Trump administration informed that the green-card holders from these countries will have to “check with a U.S. consulate” for seeing if they were eligible to return to the U.S. This has caused the airlines “some confusion” as it has plans of following “CBP guidance”.
Earlier, the websites of gulf airlines like “Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways” stated that “passengers would need a green card or diplomatic visa to enter the United States”. While, a spokeswoman of Emirates reported that “a very small number” of its customers were “affected by the ban”.

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