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Nestle's Head: Veggie meat is new megatrend


According to the chief executive officer of Nestle, the world's largest producer of food products, the veggie "meat" will turn from an exotic alternative into a "significant megatrend."

Public Domain Pictures
Public Domain Pictures
In an interview with the MarketWatch, Mark Schneider said that his company is developing a large range of products based on vegetable "meat".

In April 2019, Nestle announced plans to soon introduce burgers with vegetable meat in Europe and the USA.

The topic of alternatives to meat products has recently attracted more and more attention, in particular against the background of a sharp increase in the shares of Beyond Meat, which held an IPO in early May 2019, as well as attracting financing for Impossible Foods.

A number of experts and organizations have repeatedly called for a cautious approach to evaluating such products against the background of growing interest in it. In particular, safety of soybean leghemoglobin, which is used as one of the main ingredients in the production of synthetic meat, has already arisen in the World Health Organization, as well as in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA, Ministry of Health and US Social Services).

At the same time, in general, the supply of vegetable meat as a kind of "healthy food" is rather another marketing move: this is a synthetically created product that can be modified and subjected to multiple processing - in fact, it is a semi-finished product called "vegetable meat".

source: marketwatch.com