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New Dual-Screen 5G Smartphone Launched By LG


New Dual-Screen 5G Smartphone Launched By LG
LG Electronics (LG) used the platform of the Mobile World Congress 2019 to unveiled its newest G and V series flagship smartphones which analysts say would be able to capture the imaginations of consumers across the world.
In addition to its new LG G8ThinQ, LG unveiled its first 5G phone, LG V50ThinQ 5G, which doubled the excitement for customer at the Barcelona shjow.
LG said at the unveiling that the LG V50ThinQ 5G has been designed very carefully so that exceptional user experience is available to the users and its customers would be able to immediately enjoy all the advantages of the new 5G technology as soon as the technology based service becomes available in the market. The company claimed that customers’ expectations would be exceeded by the first 5G handset from LG as the new 5G enabled phone would allow consumers to experience high-quality content at 5G speeds – which would be upto 20 times the speed now available through the existing 4G mobile network technology.
Display and audio performance of LG V50ThinQ 5G has been the focus of the new phone by LG. Customers would be able to get a greater sense of immersion while they are viewing a video or enjoying a game because of the a 6.4-inch QHD+ OLED FullVision Display which has a 19.5:9 aspect ratio.
The new phone also allows users to enjoy stereo performance with or without headphones as the audio has been upgraded. Customers would be able to enjoy surround sound - which in turn would increase the quality of a content and create a realistic soundscape with suburb clarity and depth because of the DTS:X technology that LG has installed in the V50ThinQ 5G. Qualcomm aptX and aptX HD audio technology is also supported by the phone
The company has also installed optical innovations in its latest 5G smartphone which would offer users the chance to take extraordinary pictures and videos of very high quality. There is Video Depth Control in both the front and rear cameras in the new 5G phone which would enable to keep in focus even moving objects. Customers would be able to capture on camera exactly what they see with their open eyes through the technology of analyzing distance and depth in the Dual FOV technology installed in the phone. This would help users to create videos that look more professional.
LG V50ThinQ 5G also comes with a Dual Screen as an optional accessory to enable greater user immersion and convenience. Users would be able to access a second 6.2-inch OLED display which would double the viewing, gaming and multitasking experience. The Dual Screen looks like a cover case which can be opened up to increase the screen size. Users would be able to independently use the Dual Screen display and the LG V50ThinQ 5G which would offer a number of interesting usage options for users. For example, users would be able to watch a movie on one of the screens while do some other activity on the other.

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