Daily Management Review

Noel Quinn appointed as HSBC Head


Noel Quinn has been appointed CEO of the British-Hong Kong banking group HSBC Holdings plc, the company’s website reads.

"HSBC announces that Noel Quinn has been appointed the group’s CEO. The appointment will take effect immediately," the release notes.

Noel Quinn has been acting CEO since August 2019.

"In the past few months, Noel has worked closely with the board of directors to agree on key actions needed to improve efficiency... He has demonstrated a deep understanding of HSBC, the challenges we face, and significant growth opportunities in the future," the group’s president commented on the appointment. 

HSBC Holdings plc was established in 1990 as a company controlling the activities of HSBC (Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation), which had existed since 1865.

source: ft.com