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Omicron becomes dominant strain in London


The coronavirus strain Omicron has become the most common in London, according to Kevin Fenton, the British capital's chief public health officer.

Garry Knight
Garry Knight
"According to our most recent analysis of preliminary data, 'omicron' cases account for more than half of the cases being investigated in London. (This strain is now the prevalent form, replacing 'delta.') "He was adamant.

The number of coronavirus patients in London hospitals has grown to 1,360, the largest since the city's second wave of COVID-19 ended in early March, according to the publication.

It has been reported that up to two million Londoners have not received a vaccine, leaving them exposed to the virus, and that the National Health Service is already overburdened, putting millions more people at risk.

There were 4,713 confirmed cases of the omicron strain in the UK as of December 13th. Meanwhile, the UK Health Safety Agency believes that over 200,000 infections occur every day.

source: standard.co.uk