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Pandora refuses natural diamonds, opts for synthetic gemstones


Jewellery house Pandora, which produces the largest amount of jewellery in the world, will no longer use natural diamonds. The brand is abandoning another natural material for ethical reasons, AlJazeera reported on May 4.

Rolf Dietrich Brecher
Rolf Dietrich Brecher
The maker of affordable jewellery will now produce diamonds in laboratories, according to the company. The decision comes a year after the firm abandoned freshly mined gold and silver.

The first collection with synthetic diamonds will appear in London in 2022 and will then be distributed to other countries.

According to opinion polls, the vast majority of diamond jewellery buyers are unwilling to consider synthetic diamonds for important life events such as engagements, weddings, loved ones' birthdays, investments, etc. 

Generally, consumers perceive synthetic stones as artificial material, a fake, and prefer natural gems. The suggestion of getting married with a ring with a synthetic gem seems unnecessarily ambiguous. In such cases, natural gems with exceptional natural and unique properties are definitely preferred.

source: aljazeera.com