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Pokémon breaks records


Pokémon Go won hearts of a little less than 21 million users in the US. Thus, the game beat Candy Crash Saga’s figure of 20 million and became the most popular game in the United States’ history.

Kate Haskell via flickr
Kate Haskell via flickr
According to SurveyMonkey analytical site, Pokémon Go has become the most popular mobile game in US history. Number of players reached 21 million, and this is higher than the previous record holder, Candy Crush Saga. At that, the data was received only from the United States.

This success among users, of course, have a positive impact on earnings. According to David Gibson, an analyst of Macquarie financial group, revenue from sales of goods in the Pokémon Go can get up to $ 4 billion during the year. The game is generally free but contains a built-in purchase needed for a comfortable game.

Investors believe that Pokémon Go’s revenue will bypass Candy Crush, the former champion among mobile games (earned $ 1.5 billion for the year). Clash of Clans, proceeds of which amounted to $ 2 billion, would step back, too. Of course, the forecast will be relevant if only the Pokémon frenzy maintains.

So far, the creation of Nintendo and Niantic is available only in the US, New Zealand and Australia. This week, it will officially become available in Germany and the UK.

Due to the phenomenal success of Pokémon Go, Nintendo has entered the twenty largest Japanese companies, reports Financial Times. On Friday, share prices rose by 9.8% reaching ¥ 27,280 ($ 258.38) per share, and the company's market capitalization amounted to ¥ 3.93 trillion ($ 37 billion), levelling with Sony and Mizuho bank, the second by size in Japan. 

Nintendo holds a stake of 33% in the Pokémon Company, Pokémon engaged in marketing, and approximately 5-10% in the developer company Pokémon Go Niantic. Since the release of the game on the market July 7 Nintendo shares rose nearly 90%.

Experts point out that Nintendo and Niantic can share success of Pokémon with Apple. Macquarie Research Specialist is sure that "of the 100 points produced in the App Store, 30 will go to Apple, 30 – to Niantic, 30 - Pokémon and 10 - Nintendo". It is believed that Apple users are much more willing to spend money on in-game purchases. 

BusinessInsider reports that according to Niantic, ads in Pokémon GO are about to appear. Owners of shops, cafes, restaurants or other establishments will be able to pay for making their places Pokéstops or Gyms (a place where Pokémon Trainers go to train their Pokémon). This, in turn, would attract large audience.

Pokémon Go is based on augmented reality technology. Users search and collect Pokémon - fictional animal possessing supernatural powers. 

Having discovered a Pokémon, the player can catch it using a virtual ball, Pokéball. The game is designed to promote an active lifestyle. Looking for for Pokémons, users often have to walk, ride a bike, and so on.

The game’s developers motivate players to discover their native city. Some Pokémons are only available in certain countries. For some of the players, it could be an incentive to visit new places and see the world. 


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