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Qatar Airways is considering replacing order of Boeing 777-8 for 777-9


Qatar Airways may replace the Boeing 777-8 wide-body aircraft with a larger 777-9 model, depending on how the machine will prove itself, Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker told Reuters.

"If the performance of 777-9 is very close to the parameters of 777-8, then yes, we can replace the 8 with the 9," Al Baker said. He was talking about a previously made order of Qatar Airways for 10 Boeing 777-8 aircraft. At the same time, according to General Director of Qatar Airways, the company already has an order for 50 aircraft of the 777-9 model.

The agency notes that Emirates and Qatar Airways are the only buyers of the 777-8, which Boeing is also trying to sell to the Australian company Qantas Airways Ltd for flights from Sydney to London.

Boeing’s spokesman said on Wednesday that the commissioning date of the 777-8 would partially depend on consumer demand. In August, the company announced that the planned dates for the first deliveries of this model in 2022 could be postponed to a later time. The Boeing 777-9 should make its first test flight in 2020.

Qatar Airways was founded in 1997 and is based in Doha, Qatar. The carrier operates flights to more than 150 destinations.

After the introduction of the transport blockade by neighboring countries in 2017 and the cancellation of more than 25 routes, Qatar Airways suffered heavy losses. Due to the ban on flights over the airspace of neighboring countries, its routes have significantly lengthened in many directions, and flights have risen in price. This was the impetus for a change in the airline's strategy, which began to open new routes in Asia and Africa.

source: reuters.com