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Qatar and Kuwait to spend $ 7 billion on American jet fighters


US is preparing to sell 64 Boeing jet fighters to Qatar and Kuwait for $ 7 billion, Reuters reported with reference to several informed sources. The main obstacle for sealing the deal was concern of Israel that the jet fighters would be used against the country. Now, according to sources, the agreement has almost received approval of the White House, and the parties will officially announce the closure in the near future.

U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 3rd Class Chris Thamann
U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 3rd Class Chris Thamann
According to information obtained by Reuters from a four informed sources in the US and in the Gulf region, the White House will approve sale of 64 Boeing fighters to Qatar and Kuwait in the nearest time. There are about 36 F-15 fighters to be bought by Qatar for $ 4 billion, and about 28 F/A - 18E/F Super Hornet jets for Kuwait. In addition, terms of the transaction provide Kuwait with possibility to purchase additional 12 aircraft. Total purchase price for Kuwait is $ 3 billion. The Ministry of Defense of Kuwait told Reuters that the transaction will be approved soon. "We expect the decision to come in next week", - explained the officials.

The deal has been discussed for a long time. However, until recently, the American authorities refused to give a go-ahead, as Israel, the US's closest ally in the Middle East, expressed fears that the jets could be used against it. However, according to Reuters, these delays caused discontent of representatives of the US Department of Defense and defense industry. They warned the country's leadership that protracted negotiations could deprive the US of billions of dollars, because the customers would find other suppliers. Now, the situation has finally gained traction.

Once the White House gives its approval to sell the jets, a notification will be sent to the Congress, after which the deal will be announced officially. On the request of comments in the US presidential administration, Reuters was told that the Cabinet does not comment on potential transactions in the field of defense before official of the US Congress are notified. However, the administration stressed that Washington remains committed to strengthening security and stability in the Gulf region.

On Monday, Fox News TV reported that thirty incidents involving the US Navy and Iranian ships happened since the beginning of this year in the Gulf.

Representatives of the US Navy described the incidents as a result of "unsafe and unprofessional actions." "There were twice as many such unsafe and unprofessional incidents in the first half of this year than in the first half of last year, - said a representative of the US administration. -This is a worrying trend, and it keeps in the second half."

According to Fox News, the four incident between US and Iranian military ships have taken place in the last week. During one of them, an American patrol ship fired several warning shots into the water from a heavy machine gun when approaching Iranian boats at a distance less than 200 meters.

source: reuters.com