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Reuters warns of worsening aircraft shortage amid problems with 737 MAX


According to Reuters, the decision by US authorities to prohibit the growth of Boeing 737 MAX manufacturing is making the lack of new aircraft worse and pushing carriers to extend the life of their aging fleet.

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Following a conference on airline economics conducted in Dublin from January 28 to February 2, Reuters notes that airlines are being forced to operate older aircraft for longer due to a persistent scarcity of new aircraft, which started with the COVID-19 epidemic and is getting worse amid issues with the Boeing 737 MAX.

The airline industry currently lacks 3,000 aircraft, and the decision to forbid the growth of Boeing 737 MAX manufacturing could make matters worse, according to leasing business Avolon, which was quoted by Reuters. 

George Dimitroff from the aviation analysis firm Cirium said, "This only exacerbates the supply shortage and pushes back the date when we can get back to a balanced market." He stated that tensions will last until at least 2027.

source: reuters.com