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Samsung Electronics net profit grows by 40 percent in 2022


Samsung Electronics' net profit attributable to shareholders increased by 40% to 54.73 trillion won (about $44.6 billion) last year.

Pierre Lecourt
Pierre Lecourt
Operating income for the quarter was 43.38 trillion won ($35 billion), down 16 percent from the same period last year. Revenue for the quarter grew by 8 percent to 302.23 trillion won ($246 billion).

The company's fourth-quarter revenue decreased 8% to 70.46 trillion won ($5.74 billion), while net income grew 2.2 times to 23.5 trillion won ($1.9 billion). Operating profit was down 1.7 times from a year ago to 4.3 trillion won ($3.2 billion).

The announcement stated that "business circumstances dramatically deteriorated in the fourth quarter due to sluggish demand as a result of the slowdown in the global economy."

source: bloomberg.com