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Scores Of Russian Diplomats Expelled By U.K. Allies In EU And U.S. In A Mark Of Solidarity


Scores Of Russian Diplomats Expelled By U.K. Allies In EU And U.S. In A Mark Of Solidarity
In an unprecedented act of solidarity with the United Kingdom on the issue of the alleged poisoning of a former Russian double spy and his daughter in the U.K., Russian diplomats were expelled from a number of European Union countries and the United States on Monday.
The Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, were allegedly attacked by Russian agents with the use of nerve agents and these punitive measures were agreed upon to be taken by the EU member states. Both the victims of the attack are now in a critical condition in hospital ever since they were discovered lying unconscious at the beginning of the Month in southwest of England.
At the same time and in unison with the EU members states, the expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats were ordered by U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday on charges of being spies. Earlier, the U.K. itself had expelled a host of Russian diplomats from the country following assertions by the U.K. government of the involvement of Russia in the poisoning incident. In a retaliatory action, Russia has announced that it would also expel about 60 U.S. diplomats currently posted in Russia.
According to European Council President Donald Tusk, Russian diplomats were announced to be expelled by a total of 14 EU member states. The list includes counties such as Germany, France and Poland. 13 diplomates were also announced to be expelled from Ukraine and the announcement for the same was made at the same time as that by the EU countries.
Any form of public support that it receives from the EU would be very welcome, said Britain just before the joint announcement of EU member states of the expulsion of Russian diplomats. EU’s forthcoming response would be "very positive”, said a spokesperson for British Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday.

Al the allegations against Kremlin of the poisoning have been denied vehemently and the country has already announced expulsion of British diplomats from its soil as a retaliatory measure.
There is not much conviction among some analysts about further announcements even though Britain and its allies have already expelled the Russian diplomats.
"No, I think it is relatively unlikely … At least initially", said Maximilian Hess, political risk analyst at AKE Group when he was asked whether fresh sanctions could be imposed by the U.K. against Russia on the issue of Skripal poisoning.
"I think we are going to see moves like potentially further diplomatic expulsions in the U.S. and other EU countries as signs of support," he said and added that pr5obability of more sanctions against Russia being implemented by the U.K. is quite low.