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Scotland introduced a moratorium on the fracking technology


The Scottish Parliament has voted for a moratorium on the use of the fracking technology.

Joshua Doubek
Joshua Doubek
As a result of voting, the Parliament has decided to ban the use of hydraulic fracturing technology, which is associated with the negative impact on human health and environment.

Representatives of the "Green" party, the Liberal Democrats and Labourists have joined together to gather enough votes against the Conservative Party, which is fiercely resisting constant introduction of the moratorium.

Representatives of the Scottish National Party chose to abstain from voting, which led to the fact that their allies of liberal parties called on the SNP leaders to clarify their position on use the fracking technology.

Energy Minister of the Scottish National Party Paul Wheelhouse said that he and his government are regarding the fracking "with great skepticism". He confirmed that this technology will not be allowed in Scotland unless the government has a clear evidence that the technology does not lead to health problems and environmental degradation.

Maurice Golden, first elected Member of Parliament for the Conservative Party, spoke in favor of the fracking, saying that "the center-left cabal" of the three liberal parties is "ignoring" the scientific data on this technology, which, if its application is permitted, could lead to the growth of jobs and strengthen the economy in the country. 

Vote in the Scottish Parliament passed immediately after the local leaders in North Yorkshire United Kingdom endorsed the holding of industrial tests, which also include the permission on fracking in the country for the first time in more than five years.

The Guardian notes that such a decision did not take into account the large-scale protests from the region’s residents and representatives of environmental organizations that have expressed concerns about the "catastrophic seismic activity, health problems and pollution," if the hydraulic fracturing technology is launched.

Third Energy company has promised to carry out production safely and without harming the environment.

The UK remains one of the few European countries which have not yet banned use of the fracking technology at the national level.

It is noted that many analysts in Europe see this technology as a way to reduce dependence on Russian gas supplies.

source: theguardian.com