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Slovak authorities say Fico's condition critical after assassination attempt


According to Slovakia's interior minister, the prime minister is still undergoing surgery and is in a critical situation.

Slovakia's Interior Minister Matúš Šutaj Eštok stated during a briefing that Prime Minister Robert Fico is still receiving surgery and is in a critical condition. "The prime minister's health is seriously compromised," he stated adding that Fico was shot five times by the attacker. 

The head of the nation's Interior Ministry stated that the attacker's motivations were political and that the decision to carry out the assassination attempt was taken soon after Slovakia's elections. In light of the occurrence, the minister declared that media and opposition politicians will also be better protected in addition to constitutional officials.

The Slovak town of Gandlova saw gunfire on the afternoon of May 15, starting when Fico emerged to address the populace following a government withdrawal. Eyewitnesses claimed that the attacker yelled, "Robo, come here," to Fico. The attacker then reportedly, fired multiple bullets, and Fico collapsed to the ground, according to Pravda.

Fico was then transported by helicopter to a Banská Bystrica hospital. According to the prime minister's Facebook page, Fico has many gunshot wounds. The account notes that he is currently "in a life-threatening condition".

source: reuters.com