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South Korea announces second wave of COVID-19 coronavirus


South Korea officially announced that it is facing the second wave of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Authorities did not expect it so soon.

Joey O. Razon
Joey O. Razon
The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic came to South Korea, stated Head of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Jung Eun-Kyeong, quoted by Yonhap. “We initially predicted that the second wave would come in the fall or winter,” she said. “Our forecast turned out to be wrong. While people are in close contact with others, we believe that the infection will spread,” she added.

The South Korean authorities officially announced the second wave. Previously, they insisted that the first wave of the coronavirus in the country has not ended yet, Reuters notes.

According to Jung Eun-Kyeong, the first wave of the pandemic in South Korea came in February-March. She connected the second wave with the beginning of May. During this period, South Korea began to ease restrictions, but in conjunction with the holiday weekend (Children's Day was celebrated in Korea on May 5), this led to a new outbreak of the coronavirus. The authorities associated the outbreak with nightclubs, which resumed work.

Since late May, at least 40 new cases have been recorded in South Korea daily, mainly in and around Seoul, the Associated Press notes. On Sunday, for the first time in almost a month, the daily increase was less than 20 (17 new cases).

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon said the current restrictions can be tightened if the growth of new cases does not slow down.

In early March, South Korea was in second place in terms of coronavirus infections, second only to China. However, the authorities were able to stop the spread of the disease without introducing severe restrictive measures and relying on mass testing of the population and monitoring contacts of those sick. According to Johns Hopkins University, on June 22, 12,438 cases of coronavirus were detected in South Korea. Over the entire period, 280 infected died.

source: en.yna.co.kr