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Suez Canal clears 34 Ever Given vessels after unblocking


The Suez Canal has cleared 34 vessels of the container ship owner Ever Given after the six-day blockage incident in late March, Suez Canal Authority spokesman George Safwat told.

kees torn
kees torn
"Between March 29, when the Ever Given was taken off the shoal and traffic on the canal was reopened, and May 25, 34 vessels belonging to Evergreen, the owner company, crossed the canal," Safwat said.

The 400-metre-long container ship Ever Given, flying the flag of Panama from China to Rotterdam, ran aground at kilometre 151 of the Suez Canal on 23 March, blocking it for six days and blocking traffic. The vessel was lifted from the shoal on 29 March after several attempts, with more than 15 tugboats involved in the operation, and navigation resumed. The last of the 422 vessels waiting in line because of the incident passed through the channel on 3 April.

In April, the Egyptian economic court in Ismailia ruled that the container ship Ever Given be impounded until the owner pays $900 million. The compensation included costs incurred by the administration to unshore the Ever Given, repair the vessel, and the loss of the canal due to its blockage. In its claim, the Suez Canal Authority relied on the relevant article of the Egyptian Maritime Trade Law, which authorises the confiscation of a ship by special court order. The ship is now in the Great Bitter Lake area in the widest part of the canal.

The Japanese company Shoei Kisen, which owns the container ship, said in April that it was negotiating a reduction in the amount of compensation.

Canal Authority head Osama Rabie said on Tuesday in a meeting with Panama's ambassador to Egypt, Alejandro Gantes that the canal authority had reduced the compensation demanded by 40% to $600 million and then to $550 million. Rabie also said that the investigation into the container ship incident proved the fault solely of the captain.

source: reuters.com