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TVE: Spanish farmers believe that severe drought will result in food prices surge


According to TVE news, farmers in Spain worry that one of the worst droughts the nation has experienced in a decade will raise food prices to a point where many people won't be able to afford even basic foods.

"The drought is one of the worst to hit farmers and ranchers in a decade. Despite the lack of rain, water resources were already 33% lower at the end of July than they were ten years prior," the message states.

Jose Roales, a grain farmer and the head of the provincial agricultural chamber in Zamora (an autonomous territory of Castilla y Leon), claims that his harvest in 2022 was 70% lower than typical. Because of the high crop prices, he claims that he is selling "at a loss," and if this keeps happening, he will have to stop production. He worries that many individuals would eventually lose the ability to purchase even the most basic goods.

Roales continued, "One day we won't be able to afford a piece of bread or a liter of milk."

source: rtve.es