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Tesla sidesteps one of the world economy's biggest problems


Electric car maker Tesla was able to double its sales in spring 2021 compared to the same period a year earlier and sidestep one of the world economy's biggest problems, The New York Times reports.

Duncan Rawlinson
Duncan Rawlinson
A global chip shortage that has hit carmakers around the world hard has not prevented Tesla from selling more than 201,000 electric cars in the second quarter of 2021 - twice as many as in 2020.

According to the company, to achieve this, "it took a tremendous effort by employees to overcome problems in the global supply chain and logistics".

Ford Motor Company, by contrast, has been hit hard by the global chip shortage. It sold just nine per cent more cars in the US in spring 2021 than it did last spring at the height of the pandemic. One of the main reasons was a fire in March at a Japanese chip factory on which the company depended.

However, even Tesla has felt the chip shortage. The company recently removed the adjustable lumbar support in the passenger seat and the radar sensor from the Autopilot driver assistance system from its vehicles.

source: nytimes.com