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The Earth Is ‘Not On Track’ To Tackle Global Warming: The U.N. Secretary General


During a “Pacific tour focused on climate change”, Guterres shares his concerns about the fight against the rising temperature of our planet, besides showing solidarity to the “Christchurch attacks” victims.

Source: http://en.kremlin.ru;
Source: http://en.kremlin.ru;
During a visit to New Zealand, António Guterres, the Secretary General of the United Nations was quoted by TVNZ saying that in the race to limit the global temperature to rise beyond “1.5%”, the world is “not on track”.
In New Zealand, Guterres addressed the media in Auckland while the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern was also present, wherein the former gave out warning about the lurking dangers for “not addressing climate change”. In Guterres’ words:
“Climate change is running faster than what we are ... the last four years have been the hottest registered”.
In 2015, during the Paris Climate Agreement, various countries had taken a vow to stop the temperature of the world to rise over “1.5 degrees Celsius”. Furthermore, the local media also informed that during Ramadan, Guterres intends on standing by the ones affected by the “deadly Christchurch attacks” which took place on 15th of March. He was quoted saying by TVNZ:
“To pay tribute to their courage, to their resilience but also to pay tribute to extraordinary unity and to the message of solidarity that was given by the people and the government of New Zealand”.