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The Gavel Comes To Ryan And He Appeals For A ‘Clean’ Start


Ryan becomes the “youngest” speaker of the house and urges for settling over previous fights and starting from a fresh “clean” beginning.

On Thursday the 29th of October 2015 – Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin became the “54th speaker of the House” through a voted decision, after John Boehner gave up the gavel “under fire”.
The victory margin for Ryan was a “comfortable” one wherein several “hard-line conservatives” also were in favour of Ryan. After he assumed the speaker’s seat he “implored” the members present there while addressing to the Congress:
“Let’s be frank: The House is broken. We are not settling scores. We are wiping the slate clean.”
At the age forty five Ryan has occupied the post of the speaker, being the “youngest” one since the year of 1869. Moreover, he “comes in warning” the members that he expects cooperation and support from them.
Ryan’s views on “modern politics” shows very clearly as he sleeps on a cot that he has put in his office as oppose to Boehner who “preferred” Capitol Hill apartment.
Once a “small” yet powerful conservative members’ group “drove Boehner out” from his position and stopped the apparent “heir” “Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California” to replace Boehner, did Ryan agree to hold the post. The test lies ahead for Ryan as he has to manoeuvre through the “wing of the House Republican conference”. Only time will prove whether he falls into the Republican House’s “members’ intransigence”.
At the age of twenty eight Ryan first won his “election to the House”. Ryan has used “accommodative language” in his remarks addressing his party members as well as Democrats in the same tone:
“Open up the process. Let people participate. And they might change their tune. A neglected minority will gum up the works. A respected minority will work in good faith.”
The minority leader “Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada”:
“Make no mistake — my Democratic colleagues and I will continue to have deep policy differences with Speaker Ryan on the vast majority of issues.”
However, Ryan will have more problems with his own party members than the Democrats who openly “opposed his policy ideas for years”. Even though Ryan’s party has “247 seats” under its control, it is kind of “divided” by ideological and opinion differences on tactics.
Moreover, bendbulletin.com writes:
“Before his young successor readied himself to ascend to his post, Boehner delivered Ryan from his most vexing conflicts by negotiating a bipartisan budget agreement that buys two years of relative peace”.
Ryan relief of having some time to establish his “leadership” image could be of short span as the budget deal is likely to make room for drafts of “a huge spending bill” in the “current fiscal year” whereby raising the expenditure in the military sector, medical research fields, “federal law enforcement and wildfire suppression”.  While bendulletin.com reports that:
“The spending bills already drafted are replete with conservative policy prescriptions, from crippling Obama’s signature health care law to blocking his climate change and financial regulations. Ryan will have to decide how far to push that clash with the president, knowing a government shutdown just before Christmas could be at stake”.