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Top 3 most successful IPOs of 2019


The current year brought quite a few large IPOs. Shareholders who had time to invest in the most successful "newbies" are now reaping the fruits of their success. So which recent debutants showed the best results?

Beyond Meat, MMTec and ShockWave Medical have become the biggest players in the IPO class in the first half of this year. They are the only three debutants, the value of the shares of which has more than tripled compared to the original estimate. 

Beyond Meat: Increase of 543%

It may seem strange that the debut of vegetarian burgers became the hottest initial placement of this year, but it is impossible to deny the rapid growth of Beyond Meat. In the first quarter, the company's revenue jumped by 215%, as the company's plant-based revolutionary meat products are gaining increasing popularity.

MMTec: Increase of 321%

The second place among the main winners of this year is taken by a little-known Beijing company, which failed in early January, when investors were massively refusing to buy shares in Chinese firms. As part of the placement, MMTec was priced at just $ 4 per share, but value of the papers has more than quadrupled over time.

MMTec provides services and solutions that allow Chinese-language hedge funds, mutual funds and other investment groups to participate in transactions in the global securities market. Investing in this company is associated with a certain risk, for the most part because it is just starting to develop its business. MMTec was founded at the beginning of last year, but it began to bring income only in the summer of last year. The firm still has much to prove as value of its securities has increased mainly due to the fact that the overall background for growth stocks in China has improved.

ShockWave Medical: an increase of 236%

Third place goes to ShockWave Medical, whose goal is to improve prospects for patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. The company is developing a new type of treatment with medical equipment capable of destroying calcium deposits with the help of sound pressure passing through the vessels.

In the first quarter, ShockWave Medical's revenue skyrocketed by 450%, more than double the rapid growth of Beyond Meat. Managers of ShockWave expects a further increase in revenue from 169% to 194% throughout 2019. ShockWave Medical is still small, but bulls believe that in the future, the company's products will be able to find application in larger markets for the treatment of coronary heart disease and aortic stenosis. 

source: fool.com

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