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Top 5 most expensive banking brands


Consulting agency Brand Finance published a ranking of the most expensive banking brands in the world.

Experts analyzed the 500 most expensive and strongest banking brands in the world. It is noted that the total value of Chinese banking brands exceeded the value of American brands by more than $ 100 million. Below are the 5 most expensive banking brands in the world.

5. Wells Fargo

Country: USA

Brand value: $ 40 billion

Wells Fargo is a banking company providing financial and insurance services in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. It is included in the so-called "big four" of US banks (along with Bank of America, Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase). Wells Fargo has 8600 branches and 13,000 ATMs serving more than 40 million retail customers and 3 million small entrepreneurs.

4. Bank of China

Country: China

Brand value: $ 51 billion

Bank of China is a Chinese financial group, formed on the basis of the oldest of the current Chinese banks. It is headquartered in Beijing. The main activity is commercial banking, it accounts for 90% of operating profit; this area includes corporate banking (42%), private banking (33%) and treasury operations (15%). The main region of activity is mainland China (PRC excluding Hong Kong and Macao). Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan account for 17% of assets and 23% of operating profit. The foreign network of the group consists of 545 offices in 53 countries of the world, with the most significant presence in Canada, the United Kingdom and Singapore.

3. Agricultural Bank of China

Country: China

Brand value: $ 55 billion

Agricultural Bank of China is one of the largest banks in the PRC and in the world. The headquarters of the bank is located in Beijing. The bank has more than 23,600 branches and 19,700 operational offices on the territory of mainland China, and another 8 branches and 2 representative offices are located outside mainland China. The bank has 14 subsidiaries, 6 of them abroad

2. China Construction Bank

Country: China

Brand value: $ 70 billion

China Construction Bank is one of the largest banks in China. Its network has 14,925 branches in mainland China, as well as 10 branches abroad: in Hong Kong, Singapore, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, Tokyo, Seoul, Sydney, Taipei, New York and Ho Chi Minh City. Besides, there is a number of subsidiary banks, such as CCB Principal Asset Management (CCM), and others.

1. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Country: China

Brand value: $ 79.8 billion

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is the biggest commercial bank in the Eastern country. The controlling stake belongs to the government of the PRC through several state-owned investment companies. In general, ICBC has more than 500 thousand shareholders and controls one-fifth of China’s banking sector. The bank has over 17,460 branches, which employ more than 453,048 people.

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