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Top 7 highest-paid presidents


Les Echos, together with specialized service Statista, compiled a rating of the world’s highest-paid political leaders. The rating includes heads of the world's most influential states in 2016. Their incomes from other sources were not taken into account.

Pete Souza
Pete Souza
7. Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Country: Turkey

Salary: $ 197 thousand.

August 10, 2014, Erdogan won the country's first direct Presidential election, and took office on 28 August 2014. 

From 15 to 16 July 2016, the Turkish part of the Turkish military coup attempt, which ended in failure.

Erdogan accused in the coup Turkish cleric Fethullah Gülen, lives in the US. During the takeover, Erdogan narrowly escaped death in Marmaris, from where he had shortly flew to Istanbul before storming. Two of his guards were killed. The rebellion claimed lives of 238 people, another 3 thousand were injured.

Half a month after the mutiny, overall number of detainees on charges for involvement in the coup reached 26 thousand men. 2839 got in prison, 29 colonels were dismissed from the service, including five generals. 

Passports of 75 thousand men were revoked. Once the coup had been clamped down, Erdogan insisted on restoration of the death penalty in Turkey. This, in tur, caused a conflict with the European Union, loss of membership prospects in the EU, as well as abolition of a visa-free regime between the EU and Turkey.

6. Shinzō Abe

Country: Japan

Salary: $ 203 thousand

Since 2006, Abe has served as prime minister of Japan. He is consistently pursuing quite distinctive economic policies, dubbed Abenomics. It is designed to revive sluggish Japanese economy, which has displayed deflation for rather long time.

In general, the main method of this policy is an artificial devaluation of national currency by doubling the money supply. This is not new, but the authorities have often gone to extremes, and were further criticized by a number of economic experts.

5. Theresa May

Country: United Kingdom

Salary: $ 215 thousand.

In the course of 2016, Theresa May has strongly opposed Brexit, and supported Prime Minister David Cameron. After the referendum, however, she proposed her candidacy for the post of Head of the Conservative Party and, therefore, the British Prime Minister.

Mae became the second woman in the history of Great Britain, who took the post of Prime Minister (after Margaret Thatcher).

4. Jacob Zuma

Country: South Africa

Salary: $ 223 thousand.

May 6, 2009, 277 votes of MPs elected the fourth President of the Republic of South Africa since the fall of the apartheid regime. May 21, 2014, Jacob Zuma was elected for a second five-year term.

His Government is mainly focused on economic development and infrastructure construction to create new jobs.

3. Angela Merkel

Country: Germany

Salary: $ 234 thousand.

Angela Merkel has held the position of Chancellor of Germany since 2005. In the last year, she became famous for her policy of open borders, which led to an influx of migrants into the country. This, in turn, displeased the German population, so popularity of the Chancellor and her Christian Democratic Party in recent years has gradually been falling.

2. Justin Trudeau

Country: Canada

Salary: $ 260K.

After the parliamentary elections of 19 October 2015, he became Prime Minister of Canada, and, simultaneously, the Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and Youth. Trudeau’s Cabinet became the first gender-balanced government in Canadian history; in addition, it is ethnically diverse.

1. Barack Obama

Country: USA

Salary: $ 400 thousand.

Barack Obama is the highest-paid president in the world. On the other hand, the newly elected US President - Donald Trump - said in a recent interview that he is ready to run the country for a nominal fee of $ 1 per month.

source: lesechos.fr