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TwentyTwo Real Estate Restructures to Boost Growth and Meet New Strategic and Environmental Challenges


With €4.5 billion assets under management, TwentyTwo Real Estate has established itself in 10 years as a major player in real estate investment and management with high added value across all asset classes. To bolster further expansion, the firm is reorganizing with a focus on three divisions, to take advantage of market developments and strengthen its ESG commitments.

TwentyTwo Real Estate Restructures to Boost Growth and Meet New Strategic and Environmental Challenges
TwentyTwo Real Estate was founded back in 2012 by Daniel Rigny as a genuine ‘investor-operator’ in the real estate sector focused on investment management as well as asset and property management. 

The firm has always held a firm commitment to its expansive ESG policy, which has underpinned its investment strategy for years as a key driver of value creation. The fact that PWH, the fund invested in Powerhouse Habitat, a private residential REIT managed by the firm, was awarded  the much sought after SRI label (label ISR) attests to the merits of such strategy.

In order to further consolidate its position, TwentyTwo Real Estate has announced a reorganization of its operations in order to consolidate its status as a leading ‘investor-operator’ and enhance its ESG commitments. This restructuring involves the creation of three separate divisions: the Investment Division, the Services Division, and the Technologies Division. 

"In the context of continually evolving occupational and real estate capital markets, this reorganization will allow us to create even more sustainable value on behalf of our clients with an integrated offer, deeper expertise and the agility to take advantage of the most attractive investment opportunities ", said Daniel Rigny.


Investment has always been at the heart of TwentyTwo’s activities. The new organization will therefore include a dedicated Investment division, under the banner of TwentyTwo, which will combine investment, fund management and commercial real estate asset management activities. 

The division includes TwentyTwo Investment Management, the AMF-accredited portfolio management subsidiary previously known as Scaprim Reim, and will be under the direct stewardship of Daniel Rigny. 


The Services division, under the Scaprim banner, brings together the Group’s property services including its property management and project management activities as well as its residential asset management activities, where the Group has deep and integrated expertise. This new division devoted to services will undoubtedly streamline the firm’s operations in this regard.


The third division, the recently created “Technologies division”, aims to invest in innovative companies with value-creating models at the intersection of technology and real estate, capitalizing on the growing digitalisation of the sector. Its first initiative is the development of the residential marketplace Allowa, which offers a fully digitalised process for real estate transactions, including sales, acquisitions and rentals.

Streamlining for the future

This restructuring of operations will allow TwentyTwo Real Estate to streamline its different divisions to better respond to market evolutions with greater focus and agility while offering greater clarity for the various stakeholders.

Furthermore, it will allow the group to further commit to its well established ESG strategy and improve its ‘hands-on’ approach across all stages of the investment and management processes. Each new division will be able to deploy its action plan according to its specific field of activity to meet new requirements and objectives.

“Since the creation of TwentyTwo Real Estate, we have been committed to ESG out of conviction, because we believe it is a powerful lever for creating sustainable value while ensuring a strong alignment of all our stakeholders' interests. As an investor, our role is to make an optimal allocation of resources with the dual objective of return and security by selecting the most attractive investment opportunities that will meet tomorrow’s ESG standards. And as an operator, our objective is to offer energy-efficient properties that meet the requirements of our tenants and have a lasting positive impact on local communities and the environment” said Rigny. The restructuring of the company’s operations puts it in good stead to achieve these objectives.