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U.S. congressmen propose to limit investments in China


According to the Wall Street Journal, US politicians want to make it more difficult for US corporations to participate in China's economy. A measure has been created that would require US companies to declare certain sorts of investments. Following that, they'll be put to the test to see if they're in line with the US's national interests.

USDA Photo by Lance Cheung
USDA Photo by Lance Cheung
According to the journal, US politicians want to limit US engagement in the PRC economy's technology sector.

The program was panned by the American-Chinese business community, which described it as "unique in the whole 250-year history of the United States." The group cautioned that enacting such rules would create market uncertainty and undermine the US's competitiveness.

China's efforts, according to US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, "threaten to undermine security, stability, and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific." He stated that the United States is committed to a one-China policy and that the status quo in the Taiwan Strait would be maintained.

source: wsj.com